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The economic superiority of sandwich construction has been noted since the 60s. Nowadays, more than 60 million square metres of roof and facade elements are manufactured and used in Europe each year.
In the past five decades, the number of residential buildings that are constructed with sandwich structures has multiplied. The reason for this is simple: Polyurethane rigid foam has the lowest thermal conductivity of all insulating materials and is therefore used in the form of metal composite elements in industrial and cold store construction but also in cooling chambers for supermarkets or in thermal assemblies for trucks.
EGA Industries continues to be a promoter system, introducing its high-developed, continuously operating sandwich panel lines early on in the success story. High conveyor precision and exact process control are key conditions for ensuring the highest surface quality and optimal characteristics. Apart from classical metal composite elements, EGA Industries sandwich panel lines are suitable for manufacturing flexible facings and composite elements with mineral wool.