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The XPS extruded polystyrene is an insulator formed from a thermoplastic polymer foam with closed cells very light. thermal insulation and used for numerous uses in the building, including: floors, roofs.
They are made for cold rooms, walls and have dimension and variable in function of the finishing use, have excellent compression strength values, water, water vapor and has a good absorption permeability value and resistant to water vapor, the sustainable operating temperature in the different applications varies between -65 ° and + 75 ° if properly installed, have a high durability, water is suitable for the most common building materials such as: substances for the protection of wood-based solvents lime, cement , clay, chalk, acids and alkalis.
Some materials, such as protection of wood-based, coal tar and derivatives, paint thinners and solvents acetone, ethyl acetate, benzene, toluene and turpentine damage the panels causing softening effects, as common as shrinkage or even melting, resulting in loss performance. It is appropriate to request information on the compatibility with the polystyrene adhesives manufacturers before their application.